(-)- Epicatechin

  • Bottle

    - Contains 250mg of pure (-)-Epicatechin per capsule

    - Increases aerobic metabolism, strength, and endurance

    - Helps build lean muscle and reduce body fat

    - Reduces Myostatin levels and increases Follistatin

    - Non-hormonal, safe for women and men

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  • Pre Workout

    - Rapid absorption, mixes well, and great tasting berry flavor

    - Jitter free energy, strength, focus, and endurance

    - Joint health and comfort

    - Featuring Nitrosigine for enhanced blood flow

    - CGMP / FDA certified facility

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Testosterone Booster


  • - Safe alternative to testosterone replacement therapy, ideal for increasing natural testosterone production or post cycle support

    - Increase Testosterone, enhance libido & energy, increase lean muscle, improve fat burning, and reduce estrogen levels

    - Contains 3.12 grams of D-Aspartic Acid per serving, 600 mg Fenugreek (50% fenuside), 4 to 1 horny goat weed extract, see product description for full ingredient list

    - Shown to increase free testosterone by over 40% in as little as 12 days while reducing negative hormone levels

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